Even though Earl recorded it way back in 1956 it rings profoundly true today just as much as it did then. There are just some things in life that are truly timeless and carry value forward into the future, now to us, and on beyond to future generations too.

The underlying purpose was to leave a recorded motivational message for his sales team to listen to while he was out of town.

His words were reportedly motivated in part by Napolean Hills’ work and centered on the idea that we “become what we think about”.

This is another connection to the ideas behind the Law of Attraction.

Do Yourself a Big Favor and Go Listen to It Now!

Do a simple search on YouTube and you will find it easily. Even if you have heard it before listen to it again – and open your mind so that you truly hear and understand the message.

I try to listen to it again at least every year and often more often than that.

Your mindset will determine everything you will ever have in life. Think about that. Then go listen to the message again…

Have a great day, and make it count!

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