Most of my life I have consistently used a planner to guide my efforts and help me accomplish more in less time with less stress and effort than otherwise possible.

So I have known for a very long time that planners do work and a good planner can easily make a huge difference in your life if you use it.

For decades I have used many different planners from spiral notebooks to the basic Walmart variants to Daytimers, to other pricey high-end planners with multiple refills per year and all the bells and whistles too.

Over the years my use of planners evolved to using my own system – and integrating it into what I call Success Driven Systems to help me continuously make progress with all the things I need to track manage and control in my day to day life.

While it has been many years in the making, the Success Driven Systems planner first edition is now out of my head and now on paper (and digital files) and we have just begun offering it for sale as of yesterday.

The place you can get it is in our Etsy shop which you can find HERE.

For the time being it will be available in digital format only both by individual pages – and as page sets which you can print out or have them printed for you somewhere like Staples, etc. and then bind your own planner as you see fit. You can use wire, rings, disks, or simply put it in a three-ring binder.

In the near future – I will also begin selling completed planners which you can order through our sites (processed via Shopify) or directly from our Etsy store.

Get one – give it a try and share your feedback with me!


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