Welcome to Success Driven Systems!

My name is L.D. Sewell and I am glad you are here. I am the founder of Success Driven Systems which is a way for you to start getting better results in all parts of your life right now.

Success  Driven Systems is a philosophy and a collection of tools, tactics, methods and other resources to help you do better in your work, business and life on a continuous basis. Success Driven Systems is centered around ten Core Foundation Areas which include;

  1. Mindset
  2. Vision Clarification
  3. Goal Setting
  4. Action Planning
  5. Financial Management
  6. Income Production
  7. Wealth Building and Preservation
  8. Leadership
  9. Functional Fitness and Recreation
  10. Legacy

These 10 Core Foundation Areas affect every other area of your life.

Everything begins with how you think. How you think determines what you do and that determines pretty much everything else in your life. That is why we begin with Mindset. Your success in anything you do in life will be greatly determined by your mindset, so if you want a better life – then develop and maintain a better mindset first.

Beyond that, you need to decide and intentionally choose for yourself what you want to do with your life. Who do you want to be, what do you want to do – and are you doing the things that lead to that now – or do you need to change course?

Once you have decided what it is you want then it is time to formalize those thoughts and distill that vision into specific goals – or targets – so that you have something definitive to start working towards. Many people are somewhat familiar with the general concept of goal setting, some are even very good at it. Yet setting and achieving goals are two entirely different things. The missing element for most people is ACTION.

With Success Driven Systems you will learn Action Planning and more importantly – tactics and methods you can use to get yourself to actually take action on a continuous basis from now on. That alone is life-changing.

Next, we get into financial management. Far too many people erroneously believe that the solution to all financial problems is simply to make more money. But it simply isn’t true. If you do not first learn how to manage your money and then actually do that – then making more money is like chasing a continuously moving target that you can never catch!

How many once-wealthy actors and celebrities, business people and others have you heard of who have had all kinds of problems?

The same problem is rampant in everyday life for everyday real people in the real world. It’s even worse! The point is this – it doesn’t matter how much money you produce if you spend more than you bring in. Even if you make $100,000 or more – spend $110,000 – for example, you have a serious problem that leads to all kinds of stress and other problems in your life!

Success Driven Systems will first teach you how to more effectively manage what you already earn better. After that, there are numerous Income Production Opportunities to learn about, consider and pursue as you choose.

Which Income Production Opportunities you choose are important. How you make your money determines how you spend your most valuable commodity – your time. That’s why we look into numerous different ways of Income Production from jobs, to online businesses to offline real-world small businesses that you can start, build and grow.

Making sure that you are doing the right work for you right now is critical to your success.

Far too many people are in the wrong careers, the wrong jobs or trying to run the wrong businesses for them right now. That leads to daily frustration, unhappiness and certainly not what anyone would consider success in life. Learn how to choose the right work for you and then do it! That alone is also a major factor in being able to build a better life. Even once you do choose the right work – it is a good idea to also have at least one additional income production source that is separate from your primary income production method.

There are multiple ways for you to make more money – money that you can use to build your wealth and as leverage to continue to increase it.

When you mention Wealth – most people envision mansions, yachts, and private jets. Maybe laying around on some beautiful sandy beach somewhere. That’s not what I am talking about – though you can work towards that too if you like. But first what I am talking about is any additional income that you produce above and beyond your obligations. Each and every dollar of that money is your wealth – and you can either use it effectively to help you build more wealth, or you can spend it and let it slip away forever.

There are also strategies you should know about to help you protect your wealth as you increase it. These include ways to reduce taxes and ways to protect your money from various threats too.

To achieve significant success you will need to work with other people. That will require Leadership skills. In Success Driven Systems you will learn how to become a better leader, and how to develop leadership skills in other people. That is a critical skillset.

To do all these things you will need the strength and energy to be able to take the action, do the work – and to enjoy your success as you achieve it too! That requires you to get in better physical shape. If you choose to follow and use Success Driven Systems then you will NOT be a couch potato! You have to move – so you will learn basic Functional Fitness routines, methods, and tactics that will help you get in better shape and stay in better shape so you can build and enjoy a better life.

Part of that will also include having some fun and recreation too. Your body needs it – but even more importantly so does your mind. Even the most serious and highly motivated people – including you – need to take time out for recreation and fun on a regular basis. This helps so many things, but one major reason alone is stress relief.

With Success Driven Systems you will learn about all kinds of different adventurous and fun things you can do starting right now.

Finally, we come to the point of talking about finality. Your Legacy.

When you are gone from this life what do you want to leave behind? This is not a morbid thing and not anything to be sad about, it is an opportunity for you to use your vision and contemplation to make better decisions NOW so that you can and will live a better life from this day forward.

Success Driven Systems Utilizes Whatever is Necessary and Desirable 

Success Driven Systems recognizes that there is no single system, source of information or resource that can provide everything necessary for you to achieve all of your goals – therefore Success Driven Systems actively seeks out and utilizes any other source of information or resource as necessary and desirable to help you achieve your goals on a continuous basis.

This makes Success Driven Systems infinitely customizable, scalable and applicable to any individual, company or other organization seeking to do better on a continuous basis.

This was a key element in creating SDS. When I was trying to figure out how to make it work for people who are pursuing goals in areas that I personally have no experience or expertise in a way that the framework itself would still be applicable and produce outstanding results. That way is by using the information and the expertise of other people who do have the specialized knowledge and skills needs in those areas.

It is not even a new concept either. This idea has been around since the beginning of time. Gather together with other people and work together to create and do things as an alliance that would be difficult or even impossible to do alone.


Where Success Driven Systems Originated 

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to know how and why things work. When I was a young kid maybe about four years old or so I wondered what would happen if I stuck a screwdriver in a wall outlet and wiggled it around a bit. After I gathered myself up from the floor and my mother stopped yelling, and the smoldering ceased – I learned that particular idea was not a good one!

But my insatiable curiosity has never wavered.

I joined the military when I was 17 and there began to learn many lessons about systems, training, leadership, productivity, and efficiency. The military is big on “Lessons Learned”. When things go right they are documented and repeated. When things go wrong they are documented and avoided. In each case, the situation is analyzed to see what could be learned and applied. This is the element of continuous improvement.

Systems are replicable. Meaning that if a thing works and can be taught then it can be replicated repeatedly on a large scale. Systems are applicable in all things worth doing, in all businesses, industries and in personal life.

Later I began to actively read and study people and systems like Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, and many others. One day I was given a book called “Out of the Crisis” by Dr. Edwards Demming. It had a profound impact on my way of thinking – and combined with all the other things I was learning along with my own personal experiences leading and training people, the seeds of Success Driven Systems were beginning to take root, though I did not consciously know that at the time.

After more than a decade in the military, I left active duty to pursue other interests in life. One of those things was Real Estate. I had already been an investor and an agent for years part-time. I took a job as a property manager within a large real estate firm. The portfolio that I was responsible for managing contained over 200 units consisting of apartment complexes, single-family homes, condos, and townhomes. I applied many of the lessons I learned to achieve significant results and learned a ton about property management in the process.

My next adventure was to begin a career in trucking. From the first day, my goal was to learn everything that I could about trucking, and eventually start my own trucking-related business of some kind. As I learned and gained more experience I began to recruit and train other drivers, and to do that I had to set up numerous training systems and other management systems.

Along the way, I developed and built a tractor-trailer training school which was owned by the trucking company I was employed by, and for which I personally developed all of the truck driving schools curriculum from beginning to end. Initially, I did all the instruction myself, then eventually I trained other instructors to teach the course. Many of the graduating students were hired by the motor carrier that owned the school and after being hired they continued into an inhouse road training program that I developed and ran. this built upon the basic skills they had already learned and helped them develop their skills to the level they could safely continue learning on their own as solo entry-level truck drivers.

To do it all I used all of the lessons and experience I had gained earlier in life. Along the way, I also realized that my own chosen primary business was going to be training and teaching. It was and is what I enjoy most.

Something bothered me though. Over the years I had the opportunity to work with thousands of people. I began to see specific patterns of problems that affected many people’s lives. Money problems. Lack of direction and frustration. Personal problems that were affecting work performance and work problems that were affecting personal lives.

My own life was no exception either. While I had always been driven to produce results in whatever work I was doing – often almost fanatical about it – I ignored and neglected other parts of my life in the process. I and my family paid a price for that too.

This resulted in a decision to start making intentional decisions in all areas of my life, and things got better. Not perfect – but better.

That has become a cornerstone of SDS too – seek better because while perfection is elusive, better is always attainable.

Other people asked me for advice and I shared what I could from my own experiences, and some times they implemented some of the things I shared and their lives improved too. I know this because I have had many people come back to see me years later and thank me personally for something that I shared with them. The reward I received from such encounters was and is precious and invaluable to me.

So I wanted to help more people.

But how?

After all, I do not know everything and have never claimed I did. Yet I have learned a few things that I know for an absolute fact that will benefit anyone who learns and applies them to his or her own life too.

But that question again, how could I do it?

I started writing down the lessons I have learned in life. The lessons I have taught others. The lessons that produce results. From those notes, I developed something that I could explain and teach. The result is Success Driven Systems – and my greatest hope is that you will use it to help build yourself a better life, and that if you do – then in some small way my part will have made a difference for you.

While I have many interests and goals – my greatest ambition and my most important life’s work is Success Driven Systems.

Thank you for reading this and I wish you the best in all you do in life!