There are so many elements that matter when you are working to build a better life and achieve success.

They are all important.

Yet the truth is that some are more important than others and a few are really essential to your long term sustainable and systematic success. I mentioned in my previous post that ACTION is one of those things. You have to have it otherwise nothing changes, and this is a root problem for lots of people who plan and research things to death yet never actually DO ANYTHING at all!

Another thing that is critically important to helping you achieve the best results possible is your MINDSET.

In fact when I was developing Success Driven Systems I put mindset in at the number one spot in the system. It was and still is Core Foundation Area number 1 exactly because it is so important.

Your mindset affects everything in your life. That means it affects the actions you take and the actions you fail to take aswell.

What is Mindset?

There are differing definitions and opinions depending on who you ask or what source you get your information from.

At its essence and the way I want you to think of it within Success Driven Systems is this way;

Your mindset is how you see the world and yourself within it. To a large part, it predetermines your actions and your reactions to both opportunities and threats as they occur.

This matters greatly to your own ability to build and maintain a better life for yourself and those you care most about.

That is why it is very important that you take the time and make the effort to intentionally work on building a better mindest and on continually improving and maintaining it from now on for the rest of your life.

When you encounter a challenge what do you see and how do you respond? if you have a positive mindset you do not let fear overcome you, and instead see it as a challenge and an opportunity to find a solution and then work to do that if that is indeed what makes the most sense in the situation.

A positive mindset lets you embrace imperfection and even temporary setbacks and failure because you see them as what they truly are – as temporary and as learning experiences.

That means you are happy and determined about continuing to work through the problem – and elated when you find and apply the solutions that are needed and ultimately succeed.

That is fundamentally different entirely from other people who do not have a positive and proactive mindset.

They encounter the exact same threats and opportunities you do – but they do not respond the same way at all. Instead of doing what you do they become defeated, unhappy, and maybe even depressed and they change direction and just go away seeking something else. Because they give up – they can never have success. Certainly not on a consistent, predictable and ongoing basis.

Their course of action will always be the wrong course of action in almost every case, with the rare exception that through unpredictable circumstances they just get lucky once in a while and something does seem to work out. But it never lats for long.

Predictable Patterns of Behaviour 

As you learn and begin to apply these concepts you will begin to notice patterns of behaviour both in your self and in other people. As you take more positive proactive action you achieve more and do better. This develops into habits and more success. Over time you begin to develop more confidence and that also helps bring you better results. Things seem to be easier, simpler, more predictable and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will produce results and accomplish much of what you set your mind too – yet at the same time, you recognize and embrace imperfection and do not take yourself too seriously either. Your life gets better on an ongoing basis.

There are also patterns of behaviour common to those who have a poor mindset.

Often they are pessimistic and see their situation as being beyond their own control. They hope for assistance and rescue by someone else – instead of doing the things that need to be done themselves to make their own lives better.

When they fail as they inevitably do – they blame everyone else an everything else.

Their discussions are negative, often petty and immature. The actions they take or infrequent, and ineffective – the results are predictable failure most of the time.

The Great News is that Anyone Who Desires to Do So Can Build a Better Mindset!

Regardless of your situation, you can improve your own mindset if you really want to and if you do the work necessary to make it happen.

Understand that whatever your mindset is currently and whatever your habits are right now they didn’t happen overnight – it took time. Usually your lifetime up to today.

That means it is going to take some serious effort and self-discipline to make it change to what you want it to be. Don’t let that scare you and don’t let it stop you – instead, just get started NOW!

Every day you will make a little more progress and it will begin to help you get better results. Over time as you achieve more success and your confidence increases – and your new ways of doing things take root and become habits, it does get easier.





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