It is so easy to get carried away with grand plans and huge ambitious projects. Yet what determines real progress is the systematic and the consistent taking of a series of little actions daily and doing that, again and again, day after day after day. In that way, huge and what seem to be impossible objectives are brought into reality.

That’s how aircraft carriers are built. That’s how skyscrapers are built. That’s how success driven companies are built too.

By focusing on the things that need to be done and then just doing them. It often isn’t glamorous, nor is there much if any glory in it. But that’s just the thing – real life – and life in movies and other stories are different things entirely.

Real life is gritty and dirty at times. Deeds need to be done whether they carry any prestige or any excitement or not – they still need to be done, and that is where the devil lives, as they say. In the details. in the daily grind. When you can systematically organize what needs to be done into bite-sized tasks and then execute and get them done – that’s how you make major progress over time.

Time it will take. It isn’t going to be instantaneous or easy in most cases. It will be hard work. It will often be as unglamorous as you can imagine – and it will still take plenty of time too.

Days are Coming and They Will Pass Regardless

No matter what happens or what you do the clock is already running and it doesn’t ever stop. The day is here and then it is gone. Tomorrow is coming and then it will be gone. That is a simple fact of life so long as we are alive that is how it goes. So time is coming and it is then going to go by anyway – the question is are you going to make it count and work in your favor or are you just going to let it slip on by?

Minutes become hours, hours become days, days become weeks, weeks become months, months become years and years become decades – until one day time eventually runs out for us all – and usually far sooner than we want it to. looking back an entire lifetime doesn’t seem like very long at all.

When you look back on yours – what will you see?

I hope you see a life of accomplishment – and a legacy that you can be proud of.

So long as you are still alive it is not too late – not yet anyway. But the clock is running…

Make your time count. Learn and use Success Driven Systems and start getting more done every day from this day on for the rest of your life.

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