Life happens and the days go by. The question is one of whether you live your days with intentionality according to your own choices or whether you let other people and random chances determine your fate or not.

If you want a better life than what you have right now – as so many people do – then you must start building it for yourself.

Otherwise that someday things will be better is not likely to ever happen for you. So if you really want a better life then you must realize that YOU are in fact already the Captain of your own ship!

Start acting like it.

Begin making intentional decisions. Start by developing a better mindset, clarifying your vision and then setting some goals to work towards. These are the first 3 CFA’s (Core Foundation Areas) of Success Driven Systems.

But before anything at all happens you must make the decision for yourself – either choose to seize command of your own life – or just keep allowing other people to make your choices and decisions for you while you hope for the best.

You have my recommendation – Be the captain – Choose Your Own Course, Build a Better Life…

Now, what say you?

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