Everyone wants to do better – but sadly the best of intentions make no difference unless the right actions are being taken consistently on an ongoing basis.

So how can you begin taking the right actions if you don’t even know what actions to take in the first place?

Lucky YOU because I am so happy you asked yourself that question!

Below are 7 ways for you to start doing better;

1.Get Help 

You don’t know what you don’t know. None of us do.

The solution is in getting help from others who may have the information you need that can help you make a little progress. That’s a key. They do not have to have advanced degrees, specialized training, or credentials to be able to help you.

They just need to know one or two more things than you do about something you are trying to learn and get better at.

That’s it.

For that matter having a degree and credentials doesn’t mean much of squat in the real world either – take a look at your baristas and servers and ask them about themselves, and you may be amazed at how many have advanced training and degrees! Though you may have to ask those questions through a drive-through window wearing a mask at the moment…

The point is you need real-world practical information that can help you do real stuff in the real world – stuff that makes you real money!

The training and information you need is readily available and accessible via smartphone or laptop anytime you want it so long as you have an internet connection.

2. Mindset – While there are many things you can learn and should learn – one of the most important things you might want to work on first is building and maintaining a better mindset.

Your mindset is how you see the world and yourself in it – and to a large extent, it predetermines your actions. It determines how you are likely to act to both opportunities and threats as they occur – and pretty much everything else you do or don’t do in life as well.

So get some help on building a better mindset.

3. Vision Clarification – It is really hard to get to where you want to be in life and in anything else in life if you don’t know where you want to go in the first place! You need to figure out what your own vision is for your life and get it out of your head and down on paper – the old fashioned way – so you can use it to get to the next step.

Get some help and learn about vision clarification.

4. GoalSetting – This is where you take the information you get from vision clarification and start turning it into specific targets to aim for – and these targets are better known as goals.

Get some help learning about how to set goals.

5Action Planning – Goals are great, but you need to develop some specific plans and then take action towards carrying out your plans on a daily basis. You need to be able to do it consistently day after day too – and keep doing it over the long haul.

Get some help and learn about action planning.

6. Financial Management – Before you learn how to make more money, learn how to manage your money better. Otherwise making more money will just make things worse in many cases. How? because people just borrow more when they can borrow more and that results in even more DEBT and more financial pressure and all the conflicts and stress it brings.

On the other hand – when you learn how to manage your finances (personal and business) better and start doing it – then things start getting better immediately. Then when you start producing more income you will actually use it to get ahead instead of just repeating the same broken patterns that get you in trouble to start with.

Get some help and learn more about financial management.

7. Use Integrated and Interrelated Systems – Here is the thing – all areas of your life are connected to all other areas of your life in multiple ways. In short – everything you do affects everything else you do in some way. There are systems you can use that can help you manage all areas of your life better.

One of those systems is Success Driven Systems – which I developed. While SDS itself is new the elements it is made based upon are very old, and they are all tried and true. It’s just my spin on how they are assembled and how they are all used SYSTEMATICALLY that is what I call Success Driven Systems.

Even then I realized very early on that no single system can provide you with everything you need to reach your goals. So SDS intentionally seeks out and uses any other source of information, system or resource as may be necessary and desirable to help you reach your goals on an ongoing continuous basis.

This makes Success Driven Systems infinitely scalable, customizable, and applicable to any individual, any company, or any other organization seeking to do better on a continuous basis.

Get some help and learn more about Success Driven Systems.

Coming Soon – the Success Driven Systems Planner!

The draft version of the planner is finished and has gone to my partner (my partner in business and in life aka my wife Abbie!) and as soon as she is done formatting it all and sending it to the printer and the print shop I will make it available for sale.

There will be two initial versions.

The first will be as a digital file you can download, print out, and bind however you like. My preference is spiral bound – but you can also use a 3 ring or other ringed binders etc.

This version will be made available first and will be in our Shopify stores and available on Etsy and eBay.

Once any adjustments are made (based on YOUR feedback and input!) then we will also begin printing and shipping completed ready to use planners via snail mail to anyone wanting that version.

Both versions will include exclusive access for planner owners only to an online course and other resources available there – as well as my personal help and guidance on how to use SDS and the Success Drive Systems Planner.

Much More Than a Planner Too!

Keep in mind that while the SDS Planner is a very powerful tool (life-changing, even if I do say so myself ; ) it is just a part of Success Driven Systems. A very important part – but still just a part.

Success Driven Systems is a philosophy, and a collection of tools tactics methods and other resources to help you do better in your work, in your business, and in your life.

It is an intentional and systematic approach to life on a daily basis that helps you start making and then keep making continuous improvement from the day you start using it for the rest of your life as long as you keep using it.

Think of it in part as a template and a collection of tools and resources that you can use to design and then build a better life with, and a life you can keep improving from now on.

Success Driven Systems does not focus on perfection because perfection is an illusion, but better is always attainable. So we focus on doing better on an ongoing basis. That adds up and becomes cumulative over time – and eventually begins to become compounding.

Your version of Success Driven Systems will be designed and built by you – for you – and it will adapt, expand, contract and change as you need and want it to so that it will always help you do better. Your version of SDS will be your own Success Driven Systems and unique to you.

But you will never be alone unless you want too either – I will be here to help you – as will others who will be using Success Driven systems too!

So come join me and together we can do better!

You can find many of my existing courses on UDEMY and more are in the works now to be launched soon.

Thanks for reading and talk to you again soon.

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell

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